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CardMap fulfils the need for organised, convenient, and frequently updated travel information
Waste of time
Having to wade through endless, sometimes irrelevant and contradictory information can be both frustrating and an incredible waste of time, even more so when the results are obsolete. Time is extremely precious while travelling or on vacation, and CardMap minimises all inefficiencies.
Missed opportunities
Most tourist / travel information rarely point out the "hidden gems", unique locations and experiences which would add that special touch for a traveller.
Lack of support
Very often travellers are unable to get quick answers to urgent questions regarding transportations, emergencies and possible cultural differences amongst other issues. CardMap fulfils this need of an adequate support system.
CardMap enhances the travel experiences
Provides relevant information in an engaging way
travellers can find venues, points of interest and favourable deals using the 3D maps integrated in the CardMap app. Users will be fascinated when AR avatars and mascots help them with information about travel locations.
Guides travellers on their voyage of discovery
Travellers will be able to discover the "hidden gems" of points of interest and activities thanks to the community generated content (this content is incentivised by gamification and token rewards).
Helps to deal with emergencies
The integrated support system will help a traveller who may be lost, in an emergency or any unforeseen circumstance one might end up in.
The journey begins with a WOW effect
The traveller will be engaged when an AR image appears on an ordinary card:
KeyCard of the hotel room, Entrance ticket Business card from tourism office, etc.
Advantages of cards:
Predictable and scalable distribution
AR-related card in the pocket increases chances of CardMap use
Users have a better "personal" adoption
Increases in the "intuitiveness" for the product
Direct association of the item with CardMap
Millions of tourists will install CardMap to experience customized AR-contents
AR technology will engage, inform and guide travellers before, during and after the voyage, and this could turn them into loyal users. The Venues will be a great source of users, who will install CardMap to experience the AR material. Gamification and subsequent interaction of an increasing audience with CardMap represent an added value for the Partners, as they will be exposed and promoted to a large and growing community.

Find deals, venues, and points of interest
on the 3D map
Search and book any deal via CardMap
Avatars: impressive and unique AR-interface
High quality 3D models
Attention to details will engage and create empathy between the user and the app. Animated avatars, their expressions and actions compensate any query — response lag.
Convenient interface
Avatars will vary according to the venue or information requested, a concierge for local information, a chef for a restaurant request or a stylish girl for nightlife questions, etc. they can also be made to represent a local or historical character
Mascots for specific venues
Avatars will be different in specific venues (a concierge for local informations, a chef for gourmet requests, a trendy girl for nightlife, etc.). They can also be built to resemble a real local or historical character.
Effervescent community will engage CardMap users
Entertaining and useful content
Contents include reports from trips, great photos, stories, reviews, trip ideas sharing, travel blogs, and videoblogs.
New connections with travellers
Travellers engage with local guides. They experience connections with other users through votes, community activities, events, discussions, and group vacations.
Gamified communications
Earn achievements, get recognition, earn the title of "local expert", get "likes" and compete.

CardMap's community will provide great opportunities for pre, cross, and post selling opportunities, highly targeted ads and promotions, various tests, surveys, and content creation.
CardMap is built with cutting-edge technology
and key features
CardMap Token is the cornerstone
of internal economics
Pay for deals and AR content and to upgrade avatars
Rewards for users Gifts for registration Sale of tokens
Sale of tokens
Fees for AR content Fees from entrance tickets Fees from deals
CardMap set at €40M the hard cap
CardMap's team is specialised in both AR and tourism
Angelo Pallanca
Entrepreneur and consultant, worked in innovation for tourism for more than 15 years collecting projects and consulting for the European Union, Governments, regions, main public and private actors in several countries.
Gerardo Orfanelli
Young talent with a Sociology Bsc & Msc International Management, takes care of all partners relations and cooperates in marketing activities.
Valeria Sinnati
Involved in IT & innovation since 2003, she developed a wide experience in managing corporate IT inside international environments.
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